Troubleshooting BeagleBone Green Bluetooth


Hi, can you also enable persistent logging on the device and then check dmesg when this happens maybe we can get some info from there? To persist logs on the device, enable persistent logging via the fleet configuration variable in the balenaCloud dashboard.

dmesg is quiet around the time except for these repeated lines when the container restarts:

Can you maybe paste the entire dmesg you have available? Maybe the issue is a little before that

It’s in this post.

Hi, summing up so far.

The reported problem is that the device gets to a state where no new devices are discovered. From the original report:

Subsequent attempt to restart the container by BalenaOS will fail due to the lack of discovered bluetooth devices.

I have not been able to reproduce this. In my testing I can get the application to exit because no new devices have been discovered, but I can manually perform a working discovery and relaunch the application that will continue working without rebooting the device.

Also, I did see a big improvement once I disabled WiFi. There are other sources of interference that might explain periods of time with fewer discovered devices, ZigBee and other 2.4GB protocols, but discoverability should always work.

Could you please confirm that without Wifi interference you can get the device to a state where manual discovery in the hostOS never shows any bluetooth device?

Update: I abandoned the BBGW board due to the issues explained in this thread and the poor Bluetooth sensitivity of the chipset. I tried several antennas and really couldn’t get the performance out of it.

An inexpensive FSC-BP119 dongle with the CSR8510 chipset seems to be much more sensitive and runs on more reliable SBCs. Note: You need to configure it to use HCI.

Thank you for all your help!

You are welcome, and do not hesitate in getting in touch if you need any additional help!