Too much logging might have `jammed` supervisor


I have a testing app that I’m logging (the usual way) some data.

But I changed my logging level from INFO to DEBUG (set w/ Services Variables, which happens to log A LOT) temporary but I think it caused the supervisor to not run properly.

Now the change back in Services Variables from DEBUG to INFO doesn’t work, code updates does not run and all sorts of problems.

Hello, can you grant us support access to this application?


Hello, can you share with us the URL or the UUID of this application

UUID from device: 97d0563864e511d9b4e301ade5153cc5

Hello, we’re still investigating - can you please re-grant support access?

Granted for 1 day

Hi @deoqc this sounds like it might be related to a known bug in older supervisor versions where a service that rapidly logs can cause the supervisor to become unresponsive. It would be worth upgrading the device to the latest 2.44 and seeing if the issue persisted.

Updating fixed it!

Thx very much for the support.

@deoqc Thats great news, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: