Theia Scientific using balena and Grafana for Machine Learning-Powered Real-Time Image Analysis with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin

As the name implies, textbook solutions are great solvers of textbook problems. Yet, production cases often introduce an unusual twist, setting you up against something unique. The existing "one size fits all" solutions indeed work, but, most of the time, for the price of a bitter aftertaste from paying for the underutilized functionality while one or two truly desired features are still lacking.

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Hi. What was the image size for which the fps numbers are shown in this thread? thanks!

‘The Jetson AGX Orin ran the YOLOv5 inference model at 18 FPS while the same model ran on the Jetson AGX Xavier at 9 FPS. Further refinement to the inference pipeline and some initial application optimizations have continued to increase the inference speeds with inference speeds up to 30 FP’

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Good question @thephee

@Mikhail do you have answer to this question?

@thephee We usually capture images at 1080p and then scale to 640x640 for processing.

Are you doing similar AI processing? What do you use and what is your fps?

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