Modifying the JetsonNano BalenaOS to support 40FPS on the max resolution of the IMX219 camera sensor (e.g. PiCamera v2.1)

We at needed support for a higher FPS count than supported with the IMX219 camera sensor (PiCamera V2.1) on the jetson nano, therefore we modified the kernel.

Since this was quite some work to figure everything out and integrate it into the BalenaOS build pipeline we published our changes here.

I just wanted to share it with you, since some one might like to use 3280x1560 @ 40 FPS instead of the supported 3280x1560 @ 21 FPS.

Feel free to adjust to play around with the settings on your own. You can find the datasheet here. Furthermore we added some important notes in our github repo, since a few settings and formulars are not easy to find in the documentation.

Thank you kindly for sharing and documenting your work! I have passed this on to the OS team, and I hope that this can be useful for others in the future.