The problem of wpa2 (KRACKs)

I’m using balenaOS 2.32.0+rev1 and device type is Raspberry Pi 3.
I was pointed out by security research company that the version of wpa2_supplicant of the device is a version that is affected by KRACKs (

The version of wpa_supplicant of my balena OS is v2.6 which is possibility to be attacked.
I’m afraid of this problem.

I found a pull request ( which probably related to this issue, but this doesn’t seem to merge.
Are there any plans to update wpa_supplicant or any other plans?

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If the PR you pointed at is meant to fix/mitigate this vulnerability, those patches have been applied upstream and merged into balenaOS a long time ago, I believe since v2.4.0.
Are there other patches you are aware of that we do not apply?
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To follow up on this. We recently merged this PR (, which updates wpa_supplicant to v2.9. So this will appear in one of the next balenaOS versions.
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