Raspberry PI 3 WPA2-Enterprise 802.1x broken on BalenaOS 2.43.0

I’ve run in to an issue with the latest release of Balena, we use WPA2-Enterprise for our WiFi, the connection manager keeps trying to connect to the WiFi but WPA_supplicant is crashing over and over. It does work if i revert to BalenaOS 2.38.

wpa_supplicant Tainted: G WC 4.19.71 #1

Same as the error reported here:

Looks like its been fixed upstream https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1665608

  • wpa_supplicant-2.8-2.fc30.x86_64
  • kernel-5.1.15-300.fc30.x86_64

How can we get the fix into BalenaOS?

Thanks in advance

I’ve made an issue in meta-balena to bump wpa_supplicant to the latest one.

Are you sure there is a kernel bump that is needed as well? That depends on the pi foundation and they are still on v4.19.
If there is a simple patch that is necessary, we can try to backport it onto v4.19
I tried following the kernel thread but don’t see a specific requirement for the kernel bump.


Reading thru here https://www.spinics.net/lists/linux-wireless/msg187184.html looks like it may just be wpa_supplicant

Thank-you for looking closely. Just bumping wpa_supplicant should be easy. Keep an eye on https://github.com/balena-os/meta-balena/issues/1711

@zubairlk I see the issue has been closed nice to see some progress, when can i expect to see an updated image in the dashboard for me to try out? I’m happy to try a beta release if that would help?

I understand that the new wap_supplicant version will ship with balenaOS 2.45.0:

The balenaOS release for Raspberry Pi 3 is currently on 2.44.0+rev2 on the staging environment, and 2.43.0+rev1 on production:

I’ve also created a tracking issue so that this forum thread can be updated when 2.45.0 is released, but unfortunately I don’t an ETA at the moment. I expect it’s a matter of “a few weeks”.


BalenaOS 2.46.1+rev1 for the raspberrypi 3 is now available for download in dashboard. Please let us know how it works for you.


Yep tested this yesterday and can confirm this has resolved my issue with 802.1x