Support X-Forwarded-Proto Header for Device URL

Please add support for the x-forwarded-proto header so that when an application is running behind the proxy and accessed using the device url, the app can determine the protocol used to connect to it.

Thank you for this feature request! I will forward it to the team to find out exactly which component the implementation belongs to, and to add it to our regular feature discussions and triaging.

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Hi @regedad, it seems like your question is incomplete? Can you please elaborate?

Hi @deisterhold,

I’ve taken a look at this and unfortunately it is not possible given our setup. We terminate SSL at our layer 4 load balancers so by the time the Proxy service is handling the request it believes it is handling a http request, so the X-Forwarded-Proto would be reported as http. There are various reasons why we do not/cannot operate the load balancers at layer 7 (which would allow them to insert the appropriate X-Forwarded-* headers) but it boils down to a requirement to use ProxyProtocol between the Load Balancers and the Proxy service.

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Hi @regedad,

Unfortunately the thread your comment is in doesn’t give me any context. Could you please expand your comment into a full question for us, please?

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