Supervisor will not run; proxy is not working

Running into a variety of problems on this Beaglebone device.

Supervisor is NOT running
Some networking issues detected:
test_balena_registry: Could not communicate with for authentication
Inspecting service(s) (compassionate_lewin) has timed out, check data incomplete
Saving images timed out, check data incomplete: 0bb3c6ace6c7 229b83745663 279f379f1fe3 56a7ba195be6 870d5ee44e32 fddcf80f61cc

I’ve tried restarting the device / the supervisor / and the balena service, but no dice.

Here’s a link to the device

Hi there,

I’m the maintainer of those checks, glad to see you’re using them! Given those issues, it does indeed seem like there are issues with the engine. Most of those failing checks are dependent on the engine, which we note in the documentation (e.g.

The next thing to look at are both the balena logs from journal and the kernel log (dmesg). Are there any interesting errors in those logs? You can use the second tab in the Diagnostics panel to easily collect those if you like (Device Diagnostics).

As a further note, I really recommend taking a look at the device debugging masterclass (specifically the bit about health checks: That masterclass should help you further understand what’s causing this failure behind the scenes.