Supervisor - Restart device when network is down?

Does the supervisor V10.6.27 restart the device if for example the network is down due to ethernet cable unplug?

I’m asking this because if the ethernet cable is unplugged during runtime, the device needs a restart for it to detect the unplug and try to use the cellular modem instead. Before implementing a custom service I thought that maybe the supervisor already did this.

Thanks in advance

Hello there, as far as I’m aware the supervisor doesn’t behave in that way. I’ll ask the supervisor maintainers about it but I’m 99% certain this is not the case.

Ok if that’s the case, what would you recommend me doing instead?

Hey, you could create a very simple container that has a bash script which checks for the ethernet connection and in case it can’t find any, it performs a curl to the supervisor to reboot the device. You can read more about interacting with the supervisor in our documentation.

How does that sound do you?

Hi, okey, would I be able to set a timeout interval value so that it doesn’t reboot all the time during cellular activation (takes <1min)?


It would be you script doing the logic/descision, so I guess so :+1: