Supervisor CPU Spikes

I’m seeing CPU spikes from the Supervisor process node /usr/src/app/dist/app.js.
The process usually consumes <1% of the CPU, however, it regularly spikes to 15%-25%. This occurs approx. once a minute.

I think the issue may be caused by the device public IP changing. The public IP for most of my devices change frequently and the IP changes roughly correlate with the CPU spikes.
For the devices whose public IPs don’t change, the Supervisor process stays under 2% CPU usage.

Also, the CPU spikes are correlated with a 5 degree increase in system temperature.

I’m seeing this issue on multiple stacks:

Device: rpi3 B+
OS: balenaOS 2.77.0+rev1
Supervisor: 12.5.10

Device: rpi3 B+
OS: balenaOS 2.72.0+rev1
Supervisor: 12.5.10

Hello @nick-slocum

I have checked with our Supervisor development team and apparently this is a known issue with system information reporting. This should be fixed in Supervisor v12.8.3, so please update your system via the balena dashboard to this version or later. Let us know if you have any further questions or issues.