supervisor busy.. Cannot reach supervisor

Thanks for the log Jorge! This is a high priority issue for us, so it’s super valuable to have you helping us look into this. The fact that you can recreate it regularly is very helpful for our debugging efforts. I’m chatting to @pipex about this, to ask the best way of us finding the root cause.

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Hi again Jorge,

I have cleaned up your device again. Thanks again for your patience. We have identified a couple of issues on the supervisor and the finabler container that are also related to the behavior you are seeing, although they are all caused by the supervisor database being improperly cleaned up. I’m getting close to finishing the fix and hopefully you won’t have to deal with this anymore.


@pipex Thanks again

let me know if you need more debug help.

Hi again Jorge, I’m happy to let you know that a PR for this issue is currently going through the review process. If you are up for it, and since you have been running regularly with this issue, it would be super helpful if we could test the draft release of the fix on your device to confirm this provides a solution for your issue. Let me know if you are willing to try. You would have to enable support access on your device and DM me your device uuid. Thanks again!

yes… We could try it for sure. let me setup a a test device for it for sure and i will let you know

That’s great! Please let me know

Hi, just checking back. Were you able to setup a test device? Thank you!

yes it is set…i sent you the id on a pm

My apologies, I missed the DM, I will take a look at the device right away. As I said, I’d like to install the draft supervisor to see if that fixes the device. After that I can leave the draft supervisor on your device but it will revert to the correct version if you reboot the device. Would that be ok by you?

Oh, sorry, I just saw that the device is showing as offline. Is that something you expect?

the offline device is running on cellular network… dont worrry about it, it has issues getting locked up for some reason and is out of my reach now…

but this device you can test db3ec260e172ec79be695f61287b8c2a the application is fincelluar.

Thank you, I see the device is showing the Device is not Idle error, trying the update now

Ok, I installed the new supervisor and it normalized the image data. I then saw the supervisor idle. message which means the device was in the correct state. I saw the device going offline after that though. Did you reboot the device?

i did not reboot… i was out of home… it is off now… we will wait for it to wake up for sure…

Thank you, please let me know how it works. I’m confident the PR should fix your issue. The PR is undergoing the end-to-end testing process and it should hopefully be merged soon.


Bad news sorry… I updated only the python container adding a print(“XXX”) and again getting the supervisor busy

Hi, again. I took a look at your device and as expected, with the device reboot the supervisor reverted back to the old version. While the draft supervisor was running the finabler container seemed to be running properly. The PR has been approved and merged and you should see a new supervisor release soon that fixes this. Thanks for your patience

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Great… thanks… i will wait for it no problem

Hi Jorge, just wanted to let you know that the fix for this issue has been deployed into production, with supervisor version v12.9.6. Here you’ll find documentation on how to perform the upgrade on your device Self-service Supervisor Upgrades - Balena Documentation

Please let us know how that works for you. Thanks again for your help and patience