Subscribe rabbitmq 'expired' queue

Hi, I want to find a solution to keep synced device systems api_heartbeat_state, I know that I can query rest API by timer and update my data. But I have discovered that balena API under the hood updates its state via listening ‘expired’ queue. Is there any way to add ‘Fanout’ exchanger to listen to this change from my service? Here is part of the code that I have discovered in the balena API open-balena-api/index.ts at a2e7ccffe24b5f71f5ba2a9f5f9c5a1ddb3440c6 · balena-io/open-balena-api · GitHub

Hi Anatolii, welcome to the forums. I’ll try to give an initial answer but I think we could provide a more detailed answer if you could provide more details about your setup.

It looks like you’re looking at a component that fetches messages from RedisMQ representing different events and processing them. This component is an internal one, that for example on open-balena is deployed as a container and not publicly accessible.

Now about your setup: what service would you like to be called? Is it something that runs on other host? Are you running open-balena or using balena cloud?

Let us know


Hi @a-vorobiov just checking in to see whether you have had time to look at my colleagues message above and the questions he had? :smile: