CRT certificate expired

Trying to balena login in on my open balena server that uses self signed certificates, I have the error:

CERT_HAS_EXPIRED: request to failed, reason: certificate has expired

I have read a lot of post about certificates, but I have not found any answer to this particular problem.
How to I renew the certificate of the api sub domain ?

Thanks a lot

Did you install the certificates on your machine as described in ?

If so, my guess would be you need to run the quickstart script again to regenerate the certs, then deploy again with docker-compose. You may have to delete the certificates directory first though in order to regenerate the certs.

Then of course, add them to your local machine again.

Disclaimer: I’ve never actually run open-balena before, just going off the code.

Hello, thanks for the answer.
I am going to backup the server and give a try to the quickstart.
What about the config.json values on my devices “balenaRootCA” and “os:sshKeys”, would that still work after runing the quickstart ?

Edit, I managed to only regen the expired certificates using this post

Hello @guile

Reading your last message I’m not sure if you were able to make it work or you still need help with the balenaRootCA. Let us know if you need us to take a look at it.