stuck while downloading

hey guys, i am having random troubles with some Intel nuc’s getting stuck in a download loop for a few hours. it does look like there’s some timeout involved, however we have ~80 devices on the network working relatively fine.

Hello @katmai Sorry to hear that you are having this issue!

Could you please tell us device type and OS version please? Is there any possibility that you grant support access so we can check your device?

Hello @katmai i’m pinging you again to see if the problem was solved!

Let me know if we can help you more

oh my god i am so blind. so super sorry for not replying here. i am extending the debug on our nucs. i will post updates when I have something more concrete. still having some issues, but working to get more info.

thank you for your time. much appreciated and sorry again for the mega late reply. :sweat_smile:

Thanks @katmai for your message.

Please keep us updated with more insights that you find. Let’s stay connected.