Strong suggestion: Please don't select any drive by default - I accidentally wiped my hard drive ☠

The title says it all, it’s easy for humans to miss that they have restarted the software, walk away for a while and come back and completely forget that some other drive was selected by default now :sob:


sorry to hear your issue, i hope at least you can recover important data with some recovery tool.
Thanks for the suggestion we will discuss how to prevent this in the future.


I didn’t have anything that I couldn’t recover from git / other places, but it’s still a hassle to put everything back together.

I tried recovery tools, but they are missing the directory structure because I assume the MFT (NTFS) got wiped out during repartition by etcher or something else. It wasn’t worth it for me to try and piece each file manually back together.

I can’t see any merit in auto-selecting a drive than saving a few seconds, but in worst-case scenarios like mine, someone could end up losing something important.