How does balena persistent logging work & how can we capture them?

Hi, we’re trying to enable persistent logging of the balena logs to a file (and if we could customize this to a specific file that’s under a mounted volume that would be great). It seems like, between the discussion here: Docker logs - viewing all stdoout and stderr - #10 by mtoman and here: Balena logging aggregator/shipper it should be possible. However as of the last post in that second discussion, apparently trying to capture logs in a third-party on-device service doesn’t work. I’ve enabled persistent logging on one of our test devices, but the result doesn’t seem to match with where the documentation at Configuration - Balena Documentation says the log files should be (see below screenshot of a terminal in the host os post-enabling of persistent logging and post-reboot).

My question is:

  1. Am I missing something on how the per-device persistent logging is supposed to work?
  2. Is it possible for us to capture the logs locally within a mounted volume? We need to expose them for download from a locally-connected endpoint so can’t just point the user at cloud-stored logs,

Despite enabling persistent logging on a test device, why does the resulting log location not align with the documentation provided in the Balena Documentation?
Could there be any overlooked steps or configurations necessary for the per-device persistent logging feature to function as intended?