Startup config for no validation on CA certificates


Hi there, to connect my rpi zero to the wifi here at work, I need to ask it NOT to validate the CA Certificate.

Is that possible in the wifi startup script (as editable on the SD card before startup)…?

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Can you give us more details? What CA certificate should not be validated? Do you mean the SSL connection between the device and the API?

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Hi there,

It’s the CA certificate option I can see when I connect on my (android) phone. From Digicert blog:

“Similar to other platforms like Windows and macOS, Android maintains a system root store that is used to determine if a certificate issued by a particular Certificate Authority (CA) is trusted.”

there’s a little more info and a graphic of the phone screen at this link…

Is that enough info…?.. if not, let me know… and thanks for any help.





did you configure WiFi when you was adding a device / downloading an image? If so, there’s /system-connections folder in the boot partition and it contains resin-wifi file (more info at

Try to create new section [802-1x] here with system-ca-certs=false line. Does it help?


@sailinghome Did you try Robert’s suggestion? Let us know if that works for you.


Hi there,

I have tried all day yesterday to get it onto the wifi. The resin-wifi file is the one that I had been editing previously and the system -ca-certs=false line would seem to be correct, so I suspect that there’s another issue with the wifi information. We have three wifi systems here, one for staff, one for guests and one for BYOD. I feel sure that the BYOD wifi is my best chance at getting it online.

I’ve passed this back to the IT team for their review again.

I found the suggested ‘ca-certs’ line and much more useful info on the below link.

I’ll update again if I can get it online, and thanks again for such a simple and well implemented air quality monitoring project. :grin: