SSH throwing the input device is not a TTY error


I am having a problem similar to this one where I’d like to tail the logs from my container in a python script, but am also receiving the same error: “the input device is not a TTY”.

Are you planning to add this feature anytime soon?

Just want to let you know there is definite interest in it! =)

Hello @dstewart,

This is still in the works but there’s been some progress. You can follow the discussion here for more details. Feel free to jump in the discussion if there’s something you’d like to address.


As an aside, I just figured out a workaround to my immediate need that might be helpful for others.

Rather than capturing the log in real time, I can run my test and track the length of the test in seconds, and then read the log for that time using:

balena logs -t --since {timeString} {containerID}

{timeString} can be something like 30s (30 seconds), 5m (5 minutes) etc.

Being able to read a specific duration of the log will satisfy my requirements for now.