SSH key importing

I’ve generated an SSH key pair in the Terminal on my desktop (lubuntu) machine that I use everything for.
I’m trying to create a balena-sound release for a device in an organization that’s part of a fleet I’ve created, and the Airplay and spotify services arent initialising/launching at boot as they have in the past on other devices in other organizations and fleets, so the CL seems necessary at this point. (let the games begin? I really want Tidal Connect on this balena box)
Trouble is, I’m not Terminal-savvy enough to copypasta the public key in my balenacloud settings in a way it will accept/recognize.
oh bother, as winnie the pooh says.
Oh - also, when it needs pasting somewhere, that’s in the terminal window of the balena interface for the device (its Host OS, right? since there are no services running…)
It didn’t used to be so complicated…

Hi Heysoundude,
I´m having troubles to understand what your problem is and why you need to paste your SSH certificate in the terminal.
Could you please elaborate why you have generated the certificate? Did you do it because balenaSound is not working on the device?
In any case, for those cases where you need to use a certificate in your fleet, you will want to use a Device Variable. You can define it and give it a value using the dashboard, either device-specific or fleet-wide