SSH and Cloud integration with LDAP and AD

is possible to integrate SSH with identity system like LDAP or AD?
Also, is possible to integrate BalenaCloud user access with those as well?


Hi banto. It is not currently possible to integrate AD/LDAP into BalenaCloud at all however it is possible to run your own container with an ssh server which could authenticate against any backend you please. We have an example of running opensshd inside an application container here:

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thanks. Is in the roadmap?

I’m not sure, but I will speak to the product team and find out for you.

thanks, looking forward to hear back :slight_smile:

LDAP/AD integration is not something that has been discussed before. We’ve brought this up internally as a feature to potentially put on our product roadmap, though there is no immediate plan to do so. If there is any progress on this issue we will post an update on this thread.