Some basic questions about running balena on custom board

I am running balenaOS 2.58 with supervisor 11.14 on a custom board compiled with yocto thud.

Can I upgrade to latest balenaOS and still compile with yocto thud or should I do that extra work and migrate to dunfell?

I added the device as a BeagleBone Black in cloud but the card is a Stm32 based card. Is it possible to update balenaOS and/or supervisor OTA or what is required to do so?

Hi @ankan,

A Supervisor upgrade should not affect your device, so you can try that out to see whether it’s successful. If it is, it’s possible that a host OS upgrade will also be successful. I’ve reached out to some colleagues who can confirm this, as well as your first question about migrating to dunfell. Thanks!


Hi, we are moving all devices to Dunfell so I would recommend you to do the same. That does not mean that building with Thud is not possible, but we don’t test it any more (I don’t think we have any device left in Thud) so you may find unexpected problems.
In order to perform balenaOS and supervisor updates from balenaCloud you will first need to contribute the device as a community supported device for us to integrate it into balenaCloud and that it appears as a device in the cloud. For this you just need to point us to a github repository with the device that we can review and import into the balena-os organization.
Custom OS updates are still possible manually if you follow the instructions in

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