[SOLVED - RE-RUN BALENA LOGIN] Container Preload Doesn't Work

Hi Balena team! I have been preloading my Balena OS images for Raspberry Pis and Odroids successfully, but for some reason I cannot preload an image for the Intel NUC. Normally after “Creating preloader container” the process continues, but for some reason with this specific app it never goes past this step.

sudo balena preload balena-cloud-demoapp-intel-nuc-2.29.0+rev1-v9.0.1.img --app demoapp --commit latest --splash-image demoapp-splash.png
Building Docker preloader image. [========================] 100%

/ Creating preloader container

Hi @jarek,

Could you try running the command with debug enabled (sudo DEBUG=1 balena preload ...) and posting the logs here? That might give us more information about what’s going on.


Running it that way showed that my balena CLI token expired; after doing balena login and going through the web authorization steps again I was able to preload successfully, thanks for the tip!

That’s great to hear!

I’ll open an issue on the CLI so that we make the error message visible when this happens.

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