Sierra Wireless chipset modems causing OOM to kick in; OS fails to boot


I am looking for someone that may be willing to help me determine how to properly debug why Linux OOM kicks in when booting resinOS 2.13.0-rev1 running on a Raspberry Pi CM3 Lite. The only modifications to the OS are some additional services to manage RGBs on our hardware. Resin Agent is disabled as we inject our own custom agent at build time.

When building a “debug” build, the OS will not boot to a login.

When building a “release” build, the OS does boot to a login.

First, I am trying to determine what the difference is between the “release” and “debug” builds that may be causing this.

I can provide more details and logs etc. once I know where to look to obtain the logs.

Any help, tips, etc. is appreciated greatly.

Is it possible for someone from the balena team to chime in - even if lightly.

Solved: This was due to kernel messaging being output to the console.

Currently, the dev images do the following:

  • Starts balena-engine daemon with configuration to listen on network
  • Will start getty on serial devices
  • Some debugging packages installed
  • ssh access enabled for root with password
  • enable a tty message
  • some machine specific configuration: for example kernel console enabled on tty1 and serial0 on RaspberryPi boards.