Siemens iot2000 usability

i’m just try to use our new siemens iot2020 but unfortunately it seems to rather unsupported by the linux community. may be it’s not the problem of resin itself. first when i see that it’s a i386 platform i thought it’ll be much easier to use since almost everything runs on it. imho i rather underestimate it. the first thing was that even openssh not working on it ie. it’s start but when i first try to login i always got segfault. after a long debugging it’s turn out the intel quark processor is rather limited and even mmx feature missing from it. after a long search it’s turn out a 15 (!!!) years old bug. here is a debian but report:
the next turn around was the golang environment. since neither the prebuild influxdb nor telegraf not working on it. so i try to build myself which still not working ie immediately crash.

so the real question is there any usable program working on it or just a few very minimal scrits?

Indeed the iot2000 processor (a.k.a. Intel quark) is a bit limited, mainly because it lacks mmx, but it is well suported at this point in time by the linux community. It is able to run any type of application or code e.g. our ResiOS runs internally openssh, docker (go code) etc. We also provide you with docker baseimages that have golang patched, so you can run your own co code in our containers. Our baseimages also provide other workarounds to fully support the intel quark.
So, to answer your question, yes there are many, if not all applications which will work on this platform.
Kind regards

ok. but let we remain on some simple example. how can i install openssh? i check the debian base package and from there the openssh package. it’s crash at each login (see the above debian bug). i also test the alpine base image (since these are the 2 only existing base image for iot2000) and in this case the openssh do not crash. but should i’ve to remain with alpine? or can i install packages into the docker container from debian? or which packages are you using internally?

the other problems are the go packages. the influxdata’s i386 build for influxdb crash immediately. i build it myself for iot2000 and it’s also crash. is there any special build flag or something which should o’ve to do in order to be build a non crashing binary?


any comment?