Setting kernel parameters in BalenaOS using /mnt/boot/EFI/BOOT/grub_extraenv

In the latest BalenaOS I noticed a new file /mnt/boot/EFI/BOOT/grub_extraenv (it may have been there before), which gets sourced in grub.cfg. So I added the mitigation switch available in kernels 5.2 and up like below:


Can team balena confirm that /mnt/boot/EFI/BOOT/grub_extraenv will stay put between BalenaOS upgrades ?

Hi, currently changes in grub_extraenv are overwritten on host OS updates so this change will nor persist. I have opened an issue to fix this in

However, be aware that these files are internal APIs that could change at any time. They are meant to only be modified by the supervisor through the dashboard/API. IN particular, the different environment files will be merged into a single file in the near future so I wouldn’t recommend to rely on this functionality in production use cases.

Thanks for the reply Alex. I need to be able to set Linux kernel parameters and re-using the existing environment settings workflow for that would be great. Adding a kernel-parameter variables settings capability to the dash for that would make sense to me.