Running as root without --no-sandbox is not supported

After starting with resin-electronjs I’ve since updated to electron 5 since I was having some issues with UI elements. Unfortunately now I’m running into some issues with my container it appears. I’ve resolved several issues along the way but now I am absolutely stuck on this error message:

10.07.19 16:31:11 (-0500) app [45:0710/] Running as root without --no-sandbox is not supported. See

I’ve done a bit of research and tried several solutions, including setting the no sandbox flag via electron:


Has anyone managed to get an electron 5 app running here?

We have asked internally to see if anyone has tried this yet, and we will post back here if we have anything :+1:

Thanks for the info either way, and if you do happen to solve it in the meantime, please do update us, it would be very welcomed.


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You can try adding --no-sandbox after electron here .

Or create a user and run your app with it.

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Thanks so much @zvin (and you too @richbayliss) - that did work. I’m a little disappointed that electron wouldn’t handle that switch but this is fine for now. I’ll also look at creating a separate non root user to run the application which seems like the objectively better approach.

You guys are awesome.