Running a DNS Server with multi-container discovery?

Hey folks,

I’m coming back to Balena after a long time away (so long that I no longer have access to my old account :frowning: )

I want to deploy a multi-container solution via docker-compose, and then be able to resolve the services running on the Pi 3 in local DNS.

I’ve already got Traefik running to do the name-based loadbalancing, and that picks up the containers automatically from the Docker socket based on their labels to create the routers/vhosts

The next step is to add the DNS Service Discovery.

In the past, I’ve used something like for this, however it feels that is overkill in this particular situation.

Is there a “simple” DNS Server that I can run as one of my other containers on the device that will also talk to the Docker socket (just like Traefik does) and present the running containers in DNS?