RPI GPS Add-On V2.0 Issues

I currently have the RPI GPS Add-on installed in the balenaFin board along with an antenna. I was able to get valid NMEA strings after configuring some of the serial settings on the Raspbian OS however I needed to flash the OS back on after messing with the cmdline.text and now I can’t seem it get the UART to work. I have confirmed that the GPS works as changed the serial settings on a rpi 3b+ and it works, not sure why it wont work for the balenaFin. Any help is greatly appreciated. Evan

Hey Evan

So correct me if I am wrong, but you are using Raspbian on the balenaFin right? Or are you using Raspbian on your Pi3 and balenaOS on your balenaFin?

The reason why I ask this is that the UART in balenaOS is used for console by default in the development images. So you might have to tweak some changes around that to get it working - see more on our docs

If it’s Raspbian that you are having issues with when it comes to balenaFin, this won’t apply - and we’ll have to debug it more.

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Thanks for the reply, unfortunately the 5v power supply isn’t working on the balenaFin which is causing me the error. I was also running Raspbian on both the balenaFin and the Pi. Is there any way I could try to fix the 5v power supplies on my own (say replacing the fuse)?

Hello @evanfitzgerald

You can indeed replace the fuse. The part number that needs to be replaced is 0454003.MR.


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Thanks @ntzovanis & @anujdeshpande for your help! I was so confused with the software, was very relieved when I found it was a hardware issue as I needed know anything else I was doing wrong on the software side.