Resin.IO host file not saving changes

I am running the BelenaCloud with Screenly OSE.
I got everything working but the issue is when I modify the /etc/hosts file to add my internal ip & DNS for a page that is not accessible outside my network it works fine and displays my pages but if I shutdown or reboot the Raspberry with Resin.IO after the reboot the host file defaults back to the original.

I use the Resin.IO shell inside my cloud and works fine when I set the time zone etc and those settings do not reset.

I use the command : sudo nano /etc/hosts and add my IP & DNS under the local host and then save.

Not sure what I am doing wrong in this scenario?

Hi there,

You will need to edit the Dockerfile in the Screenly-ose repo used by balena to make this edit persistent, rather than changing it live in the container. The Dockerfile will allow you to repeatedly make that change in the build step, rather than only at runtime.

I hope this helps!