resin boot image is not downloaded in logs

Hi, I am having a problem while trying to integrate balena with ttn using RAK2245. It did not download the image as in example I saw from balena site and youtube. The supervisor starting about hours and it did not seem to continue with its task. Do anyone have any advice or view to help me proceed with my project?

This is what happen in logs
Supervisor starting
Applying configuration change {“SUPERVISOR_POLL_INTERVAL”:“900000”,“SUPERVISOR_DELTA_VERSION”:“3”}
Applied configuration change {“SUPERVISOR_POLL_INTERVAL”:“900000”,“SUPERVISOR_DELTA_VERSION”:“3”}
Creating network ‘default’
Applying configuration change {“SUPERVISOR_DELTA”:“1”}
Applied configuration change {“SUPERVISOR_DELTA”:“1”}
Supervisor starting

Hey there @ShenTakumii welcome to the forums!

Could you clarify what project you’re working with? To me it looks like you’ve set up the application and got the device online successfully, but that there is no release on the application for the device to run yet. You can check this in the dashboard by going into your application and then going to ‘releases’ on the left hand menu. You should see at least one entry there with the status ‘Succeeded’; if not then that would explain why the device isn’t doing anything more than starting the supervisor.

If it does turn out that you don’t yet have a release, it’s simple to create one using the ‘Deploy with balena’ button on whatever project you’re using. You can click that and instead of creating a new application, select the one you already have set up to create a release there.

I hope this helps!