Replace the default "Booted - check your balenaCloud dashboard"

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Is there any option to change the default message in the Intel x86_64 image Booted - Check your balenaCloud dashboard?



This isn’t currently an option we support at present - you can find the full list of supported configuration options for BalenaOS here: Configuration - Balena Documentation

I have raised this as a request, could I ask you a bit more about what you’re looking to customise, and what you’d like out of such a feature?


As these devices are typically at a client’s site, it is important that we can add personalized messages for technical folks on site.
A textual message in plain text would be great instead of the default and general balenaCloud message.

Great, that definitely makes sense! I’ve made sure to make a note of that on the request. Is there anything else we can help with?

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Thanks, that’s all!

@RodrigoM it’s perhaps worth mentioning here that’s there’s nothing to stop you outputting something to the monitor with a container in your application that clears the screen and writes a message of your choosing.

Here’s an example that outputs the ‘boinctui’ to the screen, but there’s no reason you couldn’t just output a message: rosetta-at-home/ at master · balena-labs-projects/rosetta-at-home · GitHub

@chrisys Somehow I cannot manage to make this work. Why is /dev/tty2 used in the example?
Do I need to set the Docker container as privileged. e.g. privileged: true?

@RodrigoM I honestly don’t remember why certain choices were made back then, but I do remember it was running great and had a full interface displayed locally. You would need to set the container as privileged for sure in order for it to have access to the /dev directory. You could try mapping the specific device but I’d try and get it working first. You could also try pushing the rosetta-at-home project as it stands to see if that works as a starting point?

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Thanks @chrisys . After some debugging, it is working just fine. Thanks.