Redeploy - "reset to original"

I have an “app” deployed on a raspi. But I believe it has gotten corrupted, I want to just redeploy that app to the raspi so it essentially is back to the original. Thanks

Hello @pitosalas and welcome to the forums.

Could you please elaborate on what indicates the corrupted state of your app? Are you looking at the logs? Or do you see that your app service does not run?

I was being imprecise. What I meant was that I have ssh’d into the raspi and manually installed some more stuff and made other changes. I want to now make the pi back to what the state was before my manual changes.

Hello @pitosalas,
it really depends on what kind of changes you made on the device. If these are changes made on app services, it would be enough to stop the supervisor, then remove persistent storage, all the app containers from the device and startup the supervisor again it will recreate the containers, essentially reverting any changes in the app containers. As for changes made on the HostOS, there are procedures, but they are still work in progress, so I would recommend re-flashing the SD card from scratch.

sorry for the separate information @pitosalas, but I would also add that if all these operations were made while the device was in local mode, all the containers/images manually created will be cleaned up switching back to the normal mode.
An easy way of clearing containers and persistent storage is to move the device to a different app with no releases (if the device is running a recent balenaOS version) from the dashboard.
Finally, if some changes have been made to the rootFS then it would also be good to do a hostapp-update which would essentially reset the rootfs to the version it was.