Recommended resin hardware

we’ve got a few dozens of raspberry pi 3. unfortunately about 3 months the filesystem become corrupted on these devices. we already try many different sd card even industrial ones. but the same happened. even after the filesystem corruption we simple rewrite the sd card and it’s working again for another random time 1-6 months. so it seems not the cd card itself the main cause of the problem but the raspberry pi itself.

so my question what is the recommended hardware for an 24x7 usage with resin and not real high load (ie. pi3 is more than enough).

thanks in advance.

Hey lfarkas,

SD card filesystem corruption over time is quite common if you’re writing to the cards frequently, like an operating system will do – eventually the SD card becomes unable to recover from bad sectors, and a rewrite will cause the card to only use good sectors again until you inevitably hit the same issue. It probably isn’t going to change with new devices. Have you tried the SanDisk Extreme PRO SD card? You could also try a Compute Module with eMMC flash storage for the RPi3, as this is more resilient.