Prevent SD-Card Corruption

Does the read-only filesystem brought by fully prevents the soooo frequent SD card corruption problem on raspberries 3 ?

If not, is there a device like Beagle Bone or Intel Edison or Artik which does not have this problem ?

It definitely should reduce the chance of corruption, while as long as you ever have to write to the card you can’t be 100% sure. Having better SD cards and good quality power supply should also improve things in our experience! So far we have pretty good experience with resinOS 2.x in this regards.

Moving to the device that eMMC would be good too, indeed, though have to be mindful of the trade off taken. We are looking more and more at the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 (which also has eMMC), but there’s more work to do about that.

I’ve followed your links and the links in the linked articles, that’s really interesting.

If I had to sum it up : use larger cards than u need, and high quality ones so the flash controller doesn’t use always the same block. No need to go for SLC (4 Go for 850€), when larger cards may do the trick.

Larger cards are cheaper now as well, so I guess your assessment is good in general, but don’t need to go overboard in practice. On the other hand, I’d take away from it to use professional cards and verified source (there are toooooo many fakes on the cheap end). The Sandisk Extreme Pro seems to be pretty solid card range and definitely affordable at whatever fleet size.

In the list of mounted partitions I see that most of the non-tmpfs partitions are mounted as rw. Can some of the partitions be changed to ro by default?