RAM usage keeps increasing on server


I haven’t had problems for the past 3 days on my OpenBalena installed on a DigitalOcean droplet with 2GB of RAM.
But the RAM usage has kept increasing since the server’s last shutdown.
This server is running OpenBalena, and a small cron job every 15 minutes. Nothing else. So I’m pretty sure it’s OpenBalena that’s slowly eating the RAM.

Here is a screenshot of HTOP. Is looks like the VPN is the most RAM hungry ?

Since it is running NodeJS, and NodeJS has a garbage collector, I thought it would increase for a time, then clear up suddenly, (like it did once, a few days ago (see chart below). But it hasn’t “cleared” ever since.

Below a screenshot of the DigitalOcean dashboard, last 7 days.
Do I need to worry about this ? Is something configured wrongly ?
I won’t want to have to keep increasing the amount of RAM on my server if it can run fine with less.

The other metrics are fine. The disk had a spike when the RAM got cleared by 40%, which might be normal.

Right now, I’ll restart the server to apply some updated, so it will go back to normal for a while. But I’m sure it will start to increase again.

Thank you for your answers.

EDIT: the sudden drop in Memory and increase in Disk must have been due to a restart. It looks about the same on the chart when I restarted it a minute ago.


I believe this will be dependent on the number of devices connecting to the openBalena instance. I know that the VPN component is one of our more memory hungry services, but the memory use should flatten out with a constant number of devices. I’ve been told by the openBalena team that a 2GB memory assignment should be fine, so could you please let us know if this continues to grow and doesn’t level out?

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