Quectel UAC sound port for pulseaudio data


I have a Quectel modem that I use to send pre-recorded audio using the audio over USB functionality UAC. My implementation works fine on a standard raspbian image with a docker container.
I used pulseaudio to send PCM data and followed this guide - Container sound: ALSA or Pulseaudio · mviereck/x11docker Wiki · GitHub

I create a shared socket in the temp file which I use as an environment variable to send audio data, from the docker container to the local default sound card.

I am looking for guidance on a Balena implementation for the same. I have tried balena sound but no luck so far and it does not recognize the UAC port of Quectel modem.

Any help in this regard will be much appreciated.

Hello, can you share the Dockerfile and/or docker-compose that worked on Raspian with Docker? That might be a good starting point for getting a similar implementation working on balena. You mentioned balenaSound, but have you looked specifically at the audio block? GitHub - balena-labs-projects/audio: Audio building block for balenaOS, based on pulseaudio. - that is useful for routing audio.