Quantum Computing with QisKit and Raspberry Pi's

Hi everybody,

I’ve been interested in quantum computing for some years. A friend of mine recently made me aware of the QisKit framework for quantum simulation.

I thought it would be fun to see if I could put this on a Raspberry Pi in a containerised manner so people could get going quickly with QS.

Frankly it was quite painful to get all the Python dependencies in place but I now have something that seems to be working, runs a Jupyter front-end and allows us to run the QisKit starter tutorial notebooks.

Here’s the Dockerfile for the build. You can push this into a Balena app for an RPiv3. If you then expose the public URL you’ll have access to the Jupyter notebook (note Jupyter authentication is disabled and this shouldn’t be run on a network you wish to keep secured)

The tutorials are here

Have fun!


Hey @ajlennon, thanks for sharing! That’s cool, we 'll check it out :).

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