Pycom Software and Firmware Update Manager Project



Hi Resin Community!

I’m sharing a resin image that allows for the software and firmware upgrades via over the air (OTA) to various Pycom devices. The idea is that this could be deployed into the field alongside any Pycom devices that are acting as nodes, collecting sensor data, communicating to each other, etc. At some point in the future I will also add the ability for the resin system to generate an access point (AP) that the Pycom devices can directly connect to. This could then be used as a remote gateway (i.e. connected over cellular) to provide a cost effective way to firmware/software update any Pycom devices, such that each device only needs to connect to the resin gateway to update rather than opening their own cellular link.

I’ve planned some more features, such as extending it to allow for relaying telemetry data over MQTT using the new multicontainer feature, and will add those when I get the time!

Let me know your thoughts and if there’s anything useful that could be added!


Thanks for sharing that @bucknall, looks really great!