pull access denied

I am getting this error when I push to a new fleet for testing.
But the existing fleet is not showing this error for the same code.

Error: pull access denied for balenalib/raspberry-pi-ubuntu-python, repository does not exist or may require ‘docker login’: denied: requested access to the resource is denied

Does this repo not exist anymore or am I doing something wrong?

Yes, it seems to not exist anymore:

the Debian version is still available - maybe you want to use that?

I don’t know why, sorry @mpous ?

In the docker template it is

FROM balenalib/%%BALENA_MACHINE_NAME%%-ubuntu-python:3.6-bionic-run

the original fleet had raspberry pi 3
The fleet i am pushing to has rpi zero as default. Is it possible that it is causing this ?

@Ausyp @nmaas87 this base image raspberry-pi-ubuntu-python it never existed as we don’t have ubuntu base images for armv6 (e.g. Raspberry Pi Zero).

Do you need this for a specific project? or as Nico suggested you can run the project with debian?

@mpous @nmaas87 I have got it working using Debian . Thanks for your help


You are welcome @Ausyp ! Let us know if we can help you more :slight_smile:

@mpous I am wondering how to put AWS keys fleet variables.

This is my docker-compose

    build: ./sms
    restart: always
    hostname: sms

This is the python code.

from flask import Flask, request
import boto3

APP = Flask(__name__)

CLIENT = boto3.client(

I am currently putting the keys in place. But i know it’s not correct way but I couldn’t find what i am doing wrong with this code.

@Ausyp for the secrets i would strongly recommend to use secrets to define these type of variables. Read more here.

Check the next section as well to get ideas, as both of your solutions are good but not sure if you want to expose your credentials or that’s just ok.

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