Publish ports from container automatically

The documentation here says “It’s usually not necessary to forward ports within the container because the container is bound to the host networking.” This and other documentation ( under Exposed Ports) suggests that all ports are automatically published from the containers.

However, balena inspect <container ID> by default shows "PublishAllPorts": false which causes anything using the host IP and a port number to fail to connect. This requires using a loopback interface to connect internally to any open ports and prevents a host computer from connecting directly to a service.

Manually running balena run --publish-all=true fixes this problem, but I’d like a solution which works with Resin’s autolaunching.

Is this configurable?

I’ve worked around this issue by adding an EXPOSE <port> line to my Dockerfile, which contradicts the documentation but works as expected. It seems, perhaps, that balena is launched with -P and not --publish-all=true as the documentation implies. Is there somewhere I could look to better learn how balena launches containers?

I expect that this default has changed in our recent multi-container release, because on an infrastructure that supports any number of containers on the device there cannot be a deterministic way of deciding what to bind. Furthermore I expect that EXPOSE is the correct solution, and that you have found a problem in our documentation.
I’m going to be pinging those with better knowledge than I to turn this “expect” into something a bit more concrete before putting in an issue to update the docs.

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Good to know. Thanks for the update!