Proxmox (or ISO) image

Great project!
At our school we have a Proxmox server and we would be very glad to offer the off-hours power to this.
Can you, please, provide an ISO image so it would be easy to install? I tried mutiple methods (such as Run as a VM on Proxmox) with the provided ones, but I didn’t succeed.
Thank you!

I was able to get this working with my proxmox server, however you need to be comfortable with editing the .conf files. This is off the top of my head here…

The (basic) steps I followed were:
1- Download the amd64 usb image (mine was balena-cloud-rosetta-at-home-amd64-genericx86-64-ext-2.48.0+rev5-v10.8.0)
2- create a new proxmox vm with > 4G ram and an IDE drive with 32G space
3- Upload the usb image as an ISO (yes, weird)
4- Attach the ISO file to your new VM (do not start yet)
5- Shell to your proxmox server
6- edit your conf (mine was /etc/pve/qemu-server/400.conf) and change the cdrom image to an ide image
7- Change the settings to boot to the second ide image
8- Start the VM. It will open, show the balena graphic and then seem to go into a reboot cycle. Let it restarts once as this is when it formats the hard drive
9- Stop the VM
10 - Remove the second hard drive image (balena)
11- set the boot drive to ide0
12 - Start the image

I believe all I did in step 6 was remove the “media=cdrom” option from the ide1 config line.


Thank you a lot, bhsd!! You solved my headache…

I have a Proxmox install with a ZFS storage pool, so I managed to adapt your very helpful suggestion.

Maybe other helps, I report here what I did (using your procedure as the base :grinning:):

1 - Download a “Generic x86_64” image

2 - Go to Proxmox and upload the image to a Datacenter > Storage resource you have here.
You have to upload it as an ISO (yes, weird)

3 - Create a new VM:
OS: Do not use any media
HDD: Bus/Device IDE/0 ; Disk size 32Gb
Memory > 4Gb

4 - Attach the “Generic x86_64” you uploaded as an HDD

I have a zfs pool storage, so, opening a Proxmox shell, import the image into the pool:

qm importdisk [VM ID] /mnt/…/balena-cloud-rosetta-at-home-amd64-genericx86-64-ext-2.48.0+rev5-v10.8.0.iso [storage]


[VM ID] is the VM number
and [storage] is your storage pool, found typing:

pvesm status

As a result in the Proxmox GUI you will have a new Unused Disk
Click on Edit and set it as IDE 0.

5 - Make sure that the other HDD is IDE 1 and you have in Options > Boot Order the “Generic x86_64” as the first Boot device

6 - Boot the VM: after some seconds you have a graphic Balena logo; wait until the Generic x86_64 flashes the other HDD, and the VM will shut down automatically.

7 - Detach the Generic x86_64 image HDD and make sure that you have in Options > Boot Order the other HDD as the first in the booting order.
When all is properly working the Generic x86_64 image HDD can be deleted.

8 - Boot the VM

9 - Log in the web interface as: http://foldforcovid.local or the VM IP address.

Glad it helped. :slight_smile:

There are definitely other ways of getting it up and running. The key points are that the usb image expects two ide drives where ide0 is the host drive and ide1 is the image.