provide image to etcher PRO for "flash from file"

I want to flash the connected devices from a file which I want to put into the etcherPro device. When I go to this option but only can select the local folders.
Is there any way to access etcherPRO via the IP in my network to transfer any data?


Hi, I’m not certain that this works but could you please try the Flash from URL option and navigate to the file on your network?

this option works, flash from URL is working.
I want to put the file on the system itself. is that possible?

I tested again via USB Stick and only the first USB slot works for detectign the USB Stick.
I selsected the image i want to flash and after a few seconds the systems goes back to normal main screen and does not see the stick anymore.
Do you have some experience with this kindn of flashing?

Now, I managed it somehow, but the flashing process stopps and remains on the same percentage and ETA. Think it stops itself for some reason. Do you aggree? I do flash an image with file format *.wic

I want to put the file on the system itself. is that possible?

It is not advisable to put any files on the system itself as it has a quite small drive, and putting files on it might break updates.

Unfortunately I do not personally have experience with the EtcherPro so I do not have any helpful input regarding your other questions. I’ll check with my colleagues

I now have another issue during flashing from file; i got a very long message which i am attaching here

sorry for bad quality.
is there any way to get access to the log?

Hello, the wic file format should be supported. Is the error message screenshot you posted the result of flashing the same .wic file where you mentioned that the flashing process stops? Have you received this message attempting to flash any other files?

the situation where the flashing process stopped was another situation then this error. I tried this setup multiple times and also got those errors.