Production device container stuck on "stopping"

I have a production container stuck on “stopping” I can’t reboot or restart it. I upgraded the fleet last night and this was the only one that has issues

I just get “operation timed out”

What should I do?

Are you able to ssh into the hostOS?

Hi @wrboyce, yes I am

If you are able to ssh into the device, it is online. An app container stuck on ‘stopping’ sounds like an issue with the supervisor.

Can you grant support access to the device and share the long url of the device page?

I’d like to check the logs such as
journalctl -u resin-supervisor --no-pager
journalctl -u balena --no-pager

And then maybe try to restart those services.

Hi @zubairlk support access granted.


Can you check the device now?

I restarted the supervisor and balenaEngine on it.

Hi @zubairlk thanks that looks like it worked on my end. Do you know what caused that? How would I be able to fix that if it happens in the future

Hi @medistream, it looks like Zubair just restarted the balena-engine service; you can do this yourself with systemctl restart balena.