Problem with PiHole

Hi all,

I’m trying to get the PiHole project running on a Raspberry Pi Zero W, and followed the instructions from this web page:

Got the project up and running, this Balena things looks very cool, however, I can’t reach the PiHole admin screen, and setting my router to use the Pi as a DNS always fails. Not sure where to go from here. I’m using eth0 as my Pi is connected to my LAN through a USB to Ethernet device.

Any suggestions, help, pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Hey @writeson welcome to the forums! Thanks for giving the Pi-hole project a try.

I have a feeling you might be hitting the same issue as another user. Could you try changing the balenaOS version you’re using? The steps to do this would be:

  • Go into your application on the balenaCloud dashboard
  • Add a new device, this time choose v2.31.5 as your balenaOS version
  • Download and flash your SD card again
  • Boot the device (note you don’t need to push the code or anything again if you’ve already done this)
  • You’ll now have two devices in your application, and should be able to use the newer one successfully.

If you’re still having trouble after this, if you can enable support access for the device and share the link here, one of us will be able to access it and work out what’s going on.

I hope this helps! If it’s the issue I think it might be then this should get you up and running; there are more details on this thread.

Hi Chris,
Thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated! I’ll give what you’re suggesting a try tonight when I get back home.

Hey did that ever work for your Zero W? I’m in the same boat.