Preloading app + cellular modem config don't work together

If I use the preloader script, my networkmanager config for a cellular modem doesn’t get picked up. The modem flashes indefinitely indicating the APN wasn’t set correctly. I’ve confirmed the NM config works when I don’t use the preloader script.

I filed an issue about this:

Any idea what could be happening here?

Hi Zain,

Hmm, I’m not sure but @jhermsmeier or @shaunmulligan will probably have the best idea, do you guys have any theories?

Hey @zain . This is pretty strange, lets see if we can narrow down what is causing this.
1.) What modem model are you using again?
2.) What base image does your docker container come FROM
3.) does your base image have the INITSYSTEM=on environment flag set which enables systemd?

I just preloaded my 2.0.0+rev2 RPI3 with a basic node.js webserver example. The device has a Huawei ME909-u LTE modem for the connection. It all seemed to work right out the gate, so I haven’t been able to reproduce it. I am wondering if its perhaps got to do with something in the base image as we have been trying to debug in this issue: Cellular Modem connectivity issues on boot

  1. it’s a huawei ms2131 with a soracom sim
  2. FROM resin/raspberrypi3-python:3.6.0-20170308
  3. it does have INITSYSTEM=on

Not sure if this helps, but i actually had one device boot up, briefly connect, and then reboot into losing the connection again. it showed up in the dashboard as this (with no logs) but never came back:

Unfortunately I don’t have too many more details on this, because I’ve failed to preload a couple dozen devices today and I don’t remember exactly what parameters caused this one to come online. But at minimum I think I ran docker run directly rather than using