Power Outage -> no connection to docker containers possible and no way to reset via webinterface


Hello !

I had a power outage and now i can not connect to my ttn gateway runing on balena.io.

Trying to reset the device (or most of the other funcions on the webinterface) gives me the following error “Request error: tunneling socket could not be established, cause=socket hang up”, both docker services (i got a multipaketforwarder container and a collectd runing normaly) are dead, nothing shows in the logs and i can only connect per ssh to the host os (but do not know what to do with it?), how can i restart the device, reset/start the docker containers again?

Any help possible besides climbing the mast to retrieve the hardware? Thank you very much!




Hi @Caspar!
What is the version of BalenaOS / supervisor of that device?
Could you share the output of balena ps and journalctl -u resin-supervisor -n 100?