Pinning version on release tag

Good morning !

We usually have multiple release channel : one “beta” and one “production”.

We have some devices where we always deploy the latest beta on them, so I would like to pin the “beta” version on those fridge. I though that I could pin based on tag, and just tag my release with a “beta” tag, but it doesn’t seem to be possible.

Is there an alternative to this ? I can’t manually release on specific devices every time…

Hello @Thibaut this is a very good question!

Did you read this thread? Release version name / tag and this? Release policy - Balena Documentation

On the other hand, did you try to have 2 fleets?

Let me know if this helps!


I read the documentation but I din’t find any way of doing what I want. I know I can tag a release, but I can’t pin a fleet to a release tag, unless I missed something ?

Regarding multiple fleets, it could be possible but then I would have to duplicate all my settings and configurations… which I really want to avoid.

Hello, it is not currently possible to pin a fleet to a release tag, but we are discussing ideas for usecases such as your own internally. Currently the only way to do something like what you are requesting is to either:

  • create one fleet that is beta and another that is production and keep those devices and releases separate (unfortunately including duplicating your settings and configurations, as well as having to push releases per fleet instead of being able to share releases and graduate them)
  • Tag your devices and releases with beta or production as desired and filter devices by tag to select all under the one you want and then when you are trying to pin to release, you filter by the respective tag in the dropdown (there’s no advanced filtering for this like in the tables so you have to just type it in the Select dropdown’s searchbar).

I have marked this thread internally so that we can update you as any progress is made with the aforementioned feature that we are discussing, but there is currently no ETA or set plans for it.

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I think I will do the following waiting for a better solution:

  • Beta devices will be configured to track latest release (0.0.0+revX) without specific version number.
  • Production devices will track a specific pinned, versionned, release like 1.0.0, and a release in production imply to change the current’s fleet version manually.