Pin to Release using Python SDK?


I was wondering if there is support to pin to release in python SDK? (I did notice it’s available in node.js SDK)



Do you mean set_to_release
There is also this for specific devices?

Looks like that’s what I was looking for.

It’s a bit confusing this is referred to as Pin to Release in both Balena Cloud and nodejs, but I guess it works.

Thank you for the help :pray:

I agree naming the function consistently would cause less confusion. I will create a pattern to see if we can alter this.

I think it will help if you just mention it in the documentation. Most would just search for ‘pin’ and if the function would have mentioned this is similar/related to pin to release, I would have probably found it myself.

Yes, I agree. We already took an internal note about it. Additionally, I just now opened this issue on your behalf in the Python SDK’s repo: User is confused to see *Pin to release* referred as `set_to_release` · Issue #208 · balena-io/balena-sdk-python · GitHub
Feel free to follow this repo issue. We will give an update as we resolve this.

Thank you for reporting it.