Persist named volume folder after moving a device from one fleet to another


I’ve been reading through documentations and I found that moving a device from one fleet to another causes a purge on the persistent data volume. This is causing an issue for me when Im moving my device to a test fleet. I verified that by moving from one fleet to another it’s removing all my persistent data. Also changing the directory APP_ID between 10 and 20. This is defeating the purpose of persistent data for me.

My questiong is whether there’s an option to keep the named volume even after moving a device from fleet to another. Also is there a way to not include the APP-ID_ before the decided volume name?

I haven’t tried this myself, but my first thought was this project and whether it is something that could be repurposed for your use case: GitHub - klutchell/balena-backup: non-interactive backup utility for balenaCloud managed devices