Keeping docker volumes when device moved to another fleet


I tried to move a device to the other fleet. This device had containers running, with persistent volumes.
In the new fleet, I have not yet had any push operations into it. So when I moved the device it had no containers. Then I pushed to this fleet, with the same set of containers as in the previous fleet. Containers started, but they seem like in the initial state, with new volumes. Because configuration settings are not persisting.

So, the question: how to make sure that data volumes are kept unchanged when the device is moved to different fleet?

This is normal behavior. When you move a device to a new fleet, then all containers, volumes, and any networks will be torn down. They are then replaced by newly running containers, volumes, and network configurations specific to the fleet’s release no matter if it’s the same app you are pushing

In conclusion, docker volumes can’t persist when devices are moved to another fleet.
There is a roadmap item open at the moment to work on making them persistent using a system volume.